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So a bout a year and a half ago I had great plans to start a blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, Twitter and all that social media stuff. I wanted to do tech reviews, mess around with things like drones and 3d printers and share my opinions on things. The whole purpose was to keep myself busy while looking for a job and then once I found one it would keep me occupied and from getting bored while I worked the desk job that I assumed I would have.

Those plans got derailed when I started working at a 3D printing startup. Let's just say that the early day startup lifestyle doesn't really give you a whole lot of spare time and any spare time I do have is usually spent thinking about work. My fiance and I also got a dog. I did manage to get a few videos posted to my YouTube channel and got about 5 minutes into making a wordpress blog (I really hate wordpress) when suddenly free time became more about relaxing and decompressing than it did about trying to start new passion projects.

That said I think it's about time for me to start doing some more writing. I don't really know what it's going to be on but probably along the lines of the things I'm already familiar with. 3D Printing, tech gadgets, video games, etc. 

I'm going to leave my first actual video here. It was a review I did on the Sphero Ollie that I borrowed from a friend. It was mildly fun and I learned quite a bit in the process of making the video. I have a lot of respect for YouTubers who make a living doing their thing. 

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